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Is downtown Los Altos being completely rebuilt?

Linden Tree Books, Los Altos, CAAbout two years ago I wrote an article about how property in downtown Los Altos was being bought up for redevelopment. At the time I didn't know that one of the major developers, Passerelle Investments, was behind much of the improvements (see Linden Tree to the right). They weren't the only ones.  The list of projects in downtown Los Altos is extensive and I'm sure many residents are wondering if the entire look and feel of the town is going to change.

                                             Yes and no.

There are major new developments on First Street, Main Street, 3rd Street, State Street, and San Antonio.  In addition to the new developments, there have been remodels and new stores.  All of this is giving Los Altos a huge facelift and a feeling of vibrancy it hasn't had in years (if ever). 


Some of the major downtown projects include:

  • Lennar Homes condos at 396 First Street - Some of these have already sold with prime units having prices over $1.1M.
  • 100 First Street Condominiums - This 48 condo project is on the site where the old Post Office used to be. 
  • Hotel Enchante - A new boutique hotel at One Main Street which is one of the gateways to town.
  • Third Street Mixed-use - Includes the new Charles Schwab offices and two luxury condos on the top floor.
  • Packard Foundation Building - That run along 2nd Street and San Antonio Road and replaced many old buildings.


While none of this new construction has really hit the prime sections of Main Street, I'll bet anything we'll see plans on the table for some of the retail shops to change in future years.  There are plans for a major development at the corner of First and Main Streets but it will be a while before that gets underway. 

This just leaves the question to be answered - Is Los Altos being rebuilt?  Yes, large portions are being rebuilt and in tasteful ways that bring a contemporary feel while retaining some of the "village" feel so many residents like.  However, I don't see the whole down being remade into some version of Santana Row.  In my opinion, the trend is toward a modern, European-style village with a smart mix of restaurants, services, and retail shops combining popular major retailers with a few local stores.

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