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What's the best candy for Halloween?

In my book, there is no substitute for the single best give-away on Halloween...full-size candy bars.  The best place to get 'em?  Costco!  They sell a good size case for a fair price and way below the cost of buying bars at Wal-Mart or Target.  For me, there's nothing better than handing out a full-size Snickers, Milky Way, or Butterfinger and watching the kids light up at hitting the jackpot.

Now, for me personally, I've got a few candies I can't live without to eat on my own and I'm known to try talking my kids into sharing their spoils from the night.  My favorites are:

  1. Candy corn
  2. Snickers
  3. Butterfinger
  4. Reeses Peanutbutter Cups
  5. Mounds

I'd have to spend a full day at the gym after downing whatever we have leftover.  So, what are your favorite candies on Halloween?

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Comment balloon 11 commentsBryan Robertson • October 30 2011 11:20PM
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In my book, there is no substitute for the single best give-away on Halloween… full-size candy bar s. The best place to get 'em? Costco! They sell a good size case for a fair price and way below the cost of buying bars at Wal-Mart or Target. … more
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