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I haven't written a post all week...but I don't feel guilty

I'm a very regular blogger and usually write at least 4-5 posts during the week (almost daily) before posting a few "quickies" at the end of the week.  This week has been tough.  As of today, and up till this post, I haven't written anything all week.  I feel bad I'm not posting things for my readers but I don't feel guilty.


Why So Busy?

I'm in the middle of forming a new brokerage.  Yes, that's right and the business model is unique.  Nobody has ever done anything like it before.  Fortunately, I have a great co-founder and several colleagues helping me out.  Even with all that help, I've been buried looking at everything from branding to recruiting.


Where's The Beef?

If you're a regular reader you're thinking "Fine, but when will you get back to writing?".  That's a good question.  I promise to get right back into the thick of things in a few days.  There are some major tasks I need to complete in the next 72 hours.  After that, I'll be back in the saddle.  Just to keep you on the edge of your seat, here are some of the topics I'll be tackling:

  • Dual agency
  • Evolving the real estate business model
  • The pros and cons of off-market listings
  • Why "bad data" on Zillow and Trulia can be a good thing
  • "Hyper-personal marketing"
  • and many more interesting topics...


For those wanting information on Los Altos and Silicon Valley, I'll bring more of that too.  Thanks for being patient, it'll be worth the wait.

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