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What Are The Best Videos To Shoot With A Drone?

There's a lot of buzz on drone video and how to use it.  Most of the videos seen making the rounds are focused on large properties with plenty of space to fly around.  While it's fun and impressive to take an aerial video of a large estate, there is so much more you can do that applies even to the average home.


Replacing Dolly Shots and Jibs

When you hire a videographer they'll often set up what's called a "dolly shot".  This is where the video camera is mounted on a track so it can move side-to-side or front-to-back.  The resulting shot, for example, takes the viewer from the left side of a great room to the right side with a consistent perspective. This is different than a "pan shot" which is the same sort of side-to-side motion except that the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Another common cinamatography staple is the use of jibs or cranes.  The are long "arms" with the camera mounted at the end so you can do things like fly over the surface of a pool approaching the back patio.  You could use the same technique to take a shot of a large room with high ceilings going from eye-level to a higher point to capture the perspective of the room.  That same technique could be used to capture the exterior of the home to get perspective of lot placement and size.

Both these techniques can be replaced with a drone.


Advanced Flying Technique

To replace these techniques with a drone is very easy, for an experienced pilot. For starters, you'll need a drone with a gimbal and high-resolution HD camera (GoPro is fine).  These will ensure the video is smooth and high quality.

  • The technique to replace the dolly shots is simple enough:
  • Place the drone well before where you want the actual video to begin
  • Start the drone flight and hover low to allow it to stabilize
  • Reduce the flying height to 18-24 inches off the ground (for pool flyover
  • or start the flying heigh at eye-level (5 feet is fine)
  • Fly the drone in the direction you want the video to be (forward or left-to-right is most common)
  • End the flight after where you want the actual video to end
  • Land

The point of starting the video flight before and after where you actually want the recording to take place is that you'll be able to edit out the start and finish of the flight.  Trying to get "the perfect shot" from start to finish is not realistic.

A good drone (e.g. DJI Phantom 2) will fly at level without pilot intervention so all you have to do is move the joystick so it moves in the direction you want.  The only issue with reduced fly heights is the force of air from the motors if you get too close to the ground.  Make sure there is nothing around the sides of the drone so the air blast has someplace to go.

To extend these shots into something called an "arc shot" requires more piloting skill.  This is because you'll still go left-to-right but do so in an arc while the camera focuses on a particular centerpoint or subject.  This can be great to highlight a particular feature of the property.  Plan on spending a lot of time practicing this flight but when you do, it'll take just a few minutes to take images with the drone that could take hours to set up with traditional equipment.

More Top Drone Shots:

  • Ground level approach (fly over yard, pool, etc toward house)
  • Neighborhood approach (fly down street to home)
  • View perspective shot (from home to view)
  • Yard arc shot (sweep yard from side-to-side)
  • Indoor high-ceiling room perspective
  • Long/deep house fly through


All of these add more interesting and dramatic perspectives that take little time to arrange.  When intergrated with traditional video shots and angles, your marketing will really pop.

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